When facing natural disasters or man-made hostilities, roads and associate infrastructure require maximum strength and durability with a minimum of logistics and construction. Neoloy-based PRS-Neoweb geocells improve load-bearing capacity, facilitate drainage and extends the lifespan of pavement surfaces.

Logistics and cost-effectiveness are the key to PRS-Neoweb’s utility in war or peace time. Locally borrowed poorly-graded granular soil can be used for structural infill while the reinforcement factor enables a reduction in the structural layer thickness, to reduce installation costs and time. Compacted sections are easily transported, unfolded and installed manually by military or civilian crews.


Military Roads & Applications

When you need maximum strength and protection for ground forces with minimum logistics and road construction you need PRS-Neoweb™. PRS-Neoweb... (Read more)


Restore Infrastructure after Natural Disaster

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