Stabilize Log Roads & Yards to Improve Efficiency, Productivity and Profits

Neoloy® Geocells create all-weather, sustainable logging roads and log yards on any type of terrain, to increase handling, safety and productivity.

Foresters need to concentrate their efforts on harvesting timber and not on haul roads. Neoloy Geocells enable all-weather, sustainable logging roads, forest service roads and log yards, even on wet and hilly UK terrain, which are quick to build, last a long time and are easy to maintain.

The Neoloy cellular confinement system was designed for these challenges – with quick all-weather installation and reliable performance in soft and saturated soils. Small crews can easily layout Neoloy Geocell sections, infill with local soil, and compact for immediate use, even by heavy tracked skidders. Subgrade excavation can be reduced or eliminated, while foresters won’t have to sacrifice part of the tree harvest to build log (corduroy) roads. The fact that haul road structural thickness can be halved while using locally available soil for infill also cuts construction time as well as costs.

Neoloy Geocells also minimize the environmental footprint. Neoloy-based Geocell reinforcement maintains the structure of gravel road surface courses and resist rutting under the load of heavy logging vehicles. This helps to prevent sedimentation from logging roads in watershed-sensitive areas. Forest service roads are often protected areas where the environmental footprint must be minimized.

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Logging Road for Harvest, Uruguay

Reinforcement for Logyard, Canada

Forest Service Road, Czech Republic


  • High resistance to rutting, fatigue
  • Improves soil bearing capacity for heavy logging vehicles
  • Enables all-weather / all-season use
  • Save material, time, maintenance
  • Reduce haulage, fuel costs, work crews
  • Save wear and tear on tires and vehicles
  • Simple and fast all-weather installation
  • Use ungraded, local infill
  • Increase road drainage
  • Long term road design strength
  • Deploys on steep slopes
  • Effective slope protection and landscape rehabilitation
  • Minimize road construction footprint and sedimentation

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