Airport Stormwater Drainage and Containment Ponds

Neoloy Geocells® enable cost-effective drainage and containment solutions for airports to dispose of stormwater runoff safely and ecologically

The Challenge

Large paved areas in the United Kingdom’s airports require best management practices for drainage systems and stormwater management to mitigate the impact of runoff water and prevent flooding. Containment ponds or basins retain runoff water to treat for pollutants before infiltration into the ground or nearby water sources. The prevention of flooding and dry detention ponds is needed to reduce the attraction to wildlife, specifically birds, as they pose a safety hazard to aircraft and aviation.

The Neoloy Solution

Neoloy Geocells are ideal for maintaining the structure and strength of every variety of airport pavement, comfortably withstanding stormwater conditions. Neoloy also provides excellent soil protection for ditches and bioswales and enables several options for glycol runoff containment, storage and recycling. As such it is a comprehensive solution for airports facing adverse stormwater.

Additionally, Neoloy provides an excellent surface medium for turf and vegetation growth. In addition to conserving green spaces, this also helps reduce runoffs and filter pollutants

Click here for case study about new International Airport, Mexico City


  • Stabilize and protect slopes
  • Protect geomembranes
  • 3D honeycomb system holds natural or hard armor materials in place
  • Very effective and efficient use with concrete infill
  • Fast, easy, cost effective installation
  • Reduce long-term maintenance, operating costs and downtime
  • Reduced use of gravel and other aggregate materials
  • Minimizes runoff, mitigates flooding and maximizes infiltration
  • Reliable drainage system for collection, treating and releasing stormwater

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