Neoloy Geocell solutions stabilize the United Kingdom's airport infrastructure for better pavement performance, improved safety and environmental sustainability


Stabilize Airport Pavements 

Neoloy Geocells improve soil bearing capacity, reinforce pavements and significantly reduce maintenance for airport operators. (Read more)



Reinforce Unpaved Airfields and Airstrips

Strengthen unpaved airstrips with Neoloy Geocell Stabilization for reliable and safe operations while minimizing maintenance and downtime. (Read more)



Unique Solutions for Military Air Bases

In addition to strengthening runways for military bases and airstrips, Neoloy Geocells enable rapid repair to damaged runways and add a protective layer around hangars and other assets. (Read more)



Stabilize Runway Shoulders

Improve aircraft and operational safety by stabilizing runway and taxiway shoulders so they can safely handle aircraft loads that veer off the pavement while taxing, landing or taking off. (Read more)



gatwick-airport-uk00Airport Stormwater Management

Neoloy Geocell sustainable drainage systems and geomembrane containment solutions are durable, fast to install, and use less concrete enabling airports to treat stormwater runoff safely and ecologically at lower costs. (Read more)


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