Neoloy® Geocells Provide Soil Protection and Green Solution

Neoloy® Geocells in slopes prevent erosion, enable drainage and stabilize the slope to provide a green surface cover.

Civil engineers and landscape architects need a proven solution  to control soil erosion, stabilize slopes, enable drainage and create a visually pleasing landscape. Neoloy Geocells are the ideal slope protection and soil stabilization solution. Neoloy confinement protects the soil structure from erosive forces and ensures the long-term stability of slopes with various surface cover options:

  • Topsoil for landscaping
  • Permeable aggregate for more protection where green landscape is not required
  • Concrete hard-armor for more severe conditions

Neoloy’s confinement efficiency reduces the quantities of whichever surface cover is used making it cost-effective The enhanced drainage, frictional forces and cell-soil-plant interaction of Neoloy Geocells prevent downslope movement and control erosion on the slope. It is the only geocell made from Neoloy® nano-polymeric alloy, which guarantees reliable landscape stabilization for the project lifespan.


  • Frictional resistance reduce sliding from hydrodynamic and gravitational forces
  • Cell walls provide mechanical protection against run-off and rill development
  • Confinement preserves integrity of soil structure to minimize impact of rain
  • Cell perforations facilitate drainage and plant-root interlock
  • Unique Neoloy® polymer technology – very high resistance to UV, oxidation, water, extreme temperatures
  • Protect embankments and restored slopes – often at a steep angle of repose to save land and costs.
  • Hold slope cover materials in place
  • Slope stabilization for unstable and steep slopes
  • Cost effective –reduce the quantities of surface cover required (topsoil, gravel or concrete)
  • Long lifespan – maximize project lifecycle costs and help slope protection against erosion

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