Stabilize your Road to Access Crude Oil & Natural Gas

Oil & Gas companies use Neoloy® Geocell solutions to find, produce and deliver energy with access roads that can handle any load, over any soil.

The Challenge

Exploration for upstream crude oil and natural gas often takes place in the most challenging environs – deserts, arctic tundra, mountains and jungles. Getting heavy drilling equipment in and erecting rigs and pipelines to get it out requires roads. And extensive soil stabilization efforts.

The Neoloy Solution

Neoloy Geocells provide a strong and cost-effective solution access for energy exploration anywhere. Implemented by energy producers worldwide, Neoloy Geocells are easy to transport and deploy in remote locations. The 3D mechanical confinement strengthens marginal quality granular materials for infill. This not only eliminates the need to import aggregate to remote areas. It also creates stiff, strong and durable access roads. This is a key success factor for the long-stretches of roads and pipelines needed for energy production.

Why Neoloy

Strength and durability are also key factors to choosing a geocell. The unique Neoloy novel polymeric alloy (NPA) provides the highest stiffness and creep resistance of any geocell. This ensures reliable access of even the heaviest of rigs and equipment. –With an effective service range from -60° to +60°C, Neoloy Geocells enable reliable all-weather construction and use for year-round exploration, service and extraction.

In projects for the Gazprom energy company in the harsh climate of Siberia, Neoloy Geocells provided effective all-weather road reinforcement. Neoloy Geocells were at the foundation for reliable access and service roads for pipeline routes season after season, well beyond  customer expectations. (Read more)

Use Neoloy Geocell stabilization solutions for unpaved access roads, pipelines and drilling platforms for in the most difficult soil, weather and logistic conditions.

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  • Design for even the heaviest haul vehicles (700+ tons)
  • Durable in extreme temperatures
  • Neoloy material provides highest strength and durability
  • Simple logistics facilitates transport to remote regions
  • All weather construction and all weather roads
  • One solution applicable to roads, platforms, pipelines
  • Use locally-won soils for infill instead of importing / hauling aggregate
  • Lowest environmental footprint and longest lifespan
  • High environmental durability – from oxidation, temperatures, petroleum products

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