Neoloy® Geocells Provide Reliable Reinforcement Over Soft Soils

Improving bearing capacity is key to developing any pavement or surface over weak or soft soils.

You can’t build or expand a road, railway or embankment over soft soils without subgrade ground improvement measures to improve its bearing capacity.

Neoloy is an ideal subgrade foundation improvement solution for the United Kingdom’s roadways, embankments and working platforms over unstable subgrades, such as soft sands, saturated soils or expansive clay soils. Neoloy Geocells at the subbase-subgrade interface stabilize weak subgrade soil and increase its bearing capacity by several factors. Ground reinforcement by Neoloy Geocells increases the performance and lifespan of any roadway. Neoloy also enables a reduction in the thickness of structural layers by 50% or more, and the use of local, marginal granular soil and sand for structural infill.

Made from high-modulus novel polymeric alloy, Neoloy is the only geocell specifically designed for heavy duty, long-term ground stabilization. Neoloy Geocells have a higher tensile stiffness, creep resistance and more durability than conventional HDPE geocells to last the lifespan of any pavement under heavy cyclical loading. Neoloy confinement is effective in sand stabilization for reinforced bases, while the ‘beam effect” mattress is effective in saturated and expansive clay soils, and more reliable than soil cement solutions.

Neoloy is the best management practice for subgrade improvement for highways, railways,embankments and unpaved access, service and haul roads.

Reinforced Working Platform, Slovakia

Access Road over Swamp, Canada

Hybrid Solution over Clay, Israel


  • Increase bearing capacity by up to 5x
  • Decrease settlements by up to 80%
  • Reduce vertical stress by over 50%
  • Pavement thickness reduction factor up to 70%
  • Reduce bituminous / asphalt /binder by 15-25%
  • Extend service life and maintenance cycles a factor of 3 or more
  • Significantly stiffer and stronger and resistant to stress-cracking
  • Very high plastic deformation (creep) resistance
  • High dimensional stability in temperatures from -40 to +60°C
  • Far more resistant to oxidation and UV light degradation for very long periods
  • Neoloy uses 50% less aggregate for infill
  • Use locally available native soil for infill instead of imported aggregate
  • Sand stabilization in pavement layers
  • Save time, transport, fuel, aggregate resources and carbon pollution
  • Less environmental and on-site disruption

About Neoloy Geocell Solution for Clay Soils

Neoloy in a single or double row configuration or in combination with additional geosynthetics, such a geogrids for a “hybrid” solution is an effective ground reinforcement solution for expansive clay soils. One row of Neoloy Geocells (or a geogrid may be used) is placed at the subgrade layer to stabilize the weak clay subgrade. Above this stabilized subgrade, Neoloy is installed in the base or subbase (or ballast / subballast) layer to provide very effective stabilization of the expansive clays, more than soil cement or other chemical stabilizer solutions. The ability to create a semi-rigid slab highly restrains the volume change potential of expansive soils and prevents contraction cracks to reflect up.

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