The Neoloy Geocell has been designed for flexible road pavements. The low creep and high stiffness of Neoloy® based on Neoloy, increase the life of the asphalt pavement by several factors, thus approaching a perpetual pavement. The confinement of the Neoloy Geocell increases for each layer, allowing a reduction in pavement thickness while reducing road maintenance.

At the same time, road construction costs are reduced through the use of marginal land and / or locally recycled materials available for structural landfill, instead of importing high quality aggregates, to further reduce road construction and construction costs. Create more sustainable roads.

This innovative geocell technology for road construction is based on the new Neoloy polymer alloy, with its unique engineering properties, such as high creep resistance, tensile strength and module improvement factor (MIF). These extend the life of the roads beyond other geocells based on HDPE, geogrids or other road reinforcement geosynthetics.


  • Reduce road construction costs: for landfills and embankments
  • Reduce maintenance costs: less coatings and longer rehabilitation cycles
  • Lower total costs: expanding pavement design
  • Aumenta la subrasante CBR
  • Alto factor de mejoramiento del módulo (MIF, por sus siglas en inglés)
  • Reduce el espesor de la capa: incluida la capa de asfalto
  • Reduce el estrés vertical
  • Disminuye el asentamiento diferencial
  • Permite más tráfico y cargas axiales más pesadas
  • Solución ecológica: utiliza materiales locales y/o reciclados
  • Reduce el impacto medioambiental de la construcción de carreteras: menos transporte, colocación, compactación, contaminación
  • La vida útil a largo plazo reduce los ciclos de mantenimiento de carreteras y su impacto.