The extensive research, development, testing, and patents and the Neoloy® nano-polymeric alloy (NPA) for PRS Neoloy Geocells are evidence of PRS’ leadership in the field. These efforts included collaborative research with world renowned geotechnical experts and researchers, leading to over 55 professional published papers in the last 10 years.

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High Speed Railway Life Cycle Benefits of Using Geocell (Palese, Zarembski, et al, 2017)

A comprehensive performance test was conducted on high-speed rail track which suffered from geometry track degradation and substru...(Read More)


Numerical Modeling of Railway Structure with NPA Geocells (B. Leshchinsky and Ling 2013)

Numerical Modeling of Railway Ballasted Structure with PRS-Neoloy, Geotextiles and Geomembranes, Leshchinsky, and Ling (2013). Cli...(Read More)


Geocell Research & Publications

Novel Polymer Alloy (NPA) Geocell soil stabilization capabilities verified in testing and publications by world leading researcher...(Read More)