Neoloy Geocell Solutions for Sustainable Mining - Soil Stabilization for Haul Roads, Waste Stacks & Site Rehab

Haul roads and trucks are the lifeline of mining. When a haul truck stops moving, a mine stops making money. PRS-Neoweb™ geocells from PRS keeps the payload rolling with soil stabilization and reinforced haul road bases.

The high-strength of PRS-Neoweb ground improvement provides bearing capacity over soft subgrade for even the heaviest haul trucks (600+ ton payload). This is due to the high-modulus of Neoloy®-based PRS-Neoweb and the beam effect that it creates. PRS-Neoweb geocell soil confinement locks soil aggregate and binds soil particles, providing strong surface adhesion and reducing fugitive dust. PRS-Neoweb geocell reinforced haul roads resist cuts, impacts and degradation. The result is less wear and tear to tires and vehicles, and more efficient, safe and economic operations for haul roads, mine operators and natural resource extraction.

In addition the same PRS-Neoweb soil reinforcement solution can be utilized for railways and storage areas and to stabilize slopes, embankments, containment ponds and mine waste heaps and for mine site rehabilitation.

Haul Road, Copper Mine, DRC

Mine Haul Road from Sand, S. Africa

Quarry Slope Rehabilitation, Israel



  • Strongest dimensional stability of any geocell
  • Longest long term design life
  • Stands up to heaviest loading by construction vehicles
  • Save material, time, maintenance
  • Reduce aggregate haulage, fuel costs, work crews
  • Save wear and tear on tires and vehicles
  • Simple and fast all-weather road installation
  • Use ungraded, local infill
  • Increase road drainage
  • Long term design strength
  • Deploys on steep slopes
  • Effective slope protection and landscape rehabilitation
  • Minimize road construction footprint and sedimentation


Containment and Landfill

PRS-Neoweb geocells integrated with geomembranes creates impermeable, non-slip and durable impoundment for mine waste containment and treatment using one of the following infill types:

  • concrete for liquid control
  • gravel for leachate treatment processes
  • topsoil for landscape restoration

Earth Retention

To stabilize surface cuts or prevent erosion in water channel diversions in mining, PRS-Neoweb geocell retaining walls maintain structural stability, even in wet, compressible and unstable subgrades and offer the following advantages:

  • increase frictional interaction
  • improve drainage
  • reduce hydrostatic forces
  • enable vegetative growth and green wall face

Slope Protection

To reinforce steep slopes of surface mines and dry waste stacks, PRS-Neoweb confines, reinforces and restrains soil and stone infill, which prevents downslope movement from hydrodynamic and gravitational forces. The PRS-Neoweb solution:

  • prevents erosion
  • increases slope safety
  • provides a confined soil structure conducive to plant revegetation

Mine Site Rehabilitation

PRS-Neoweb geocells are perfect for sustainable rehabilitation of dry and denuded mine slopes. Its unique frictional resistance, soil-cell interlock and wall strength will keep soil infill and vegetation in place, long after the mine is closed. The PRS-Neoweb solution:

  • improves ecology – water flow, soil conservation, plant revegetation
  • encourages interlocking root growth via perforations, to stabilize soil mass
  • enhances landscape, habitat and visual aesthetics