Haul roads and trucks are the keys to natural resource extraction industries. Neoloy® Geocells prevent downtime with effective soil stabilization and road base reinforcement for heavy pay loads in all types of problematic soils and challenging terrain and keep the haul trucks moving.

logging yard (sawmill canada)

Logging & Forestry Roads

Foresters need to concentrate their efforts on harvesting timber and not on haul roads. Neoloy Geocells enable all-weather, sustainable logging... (Read more)

Neoloy stabilizes subgrade soil, reinforces base infill and reduces road surface degradation in any type of soil. Neoloy Geocells also improves the bearing capacity of weak soils (peat, sand, clays) for heavy haul trucks and logging machines for reliable and safe transport. Roads with Neoloy Geocells offer a smaller environmental footprint and an extended service life for more sustainable and economical natural resource development.