Neoloy® Geocells are ideal for energy exploration to get equipment in and the crude out –  and for utilities to deliver services to users – in any soil, location or conditions

Neoloy Geocell soil stabilization solutions for the energy & utilities sector are stronger, more sustainable and more cost-effective than any other ground reinforcement methods. Neoloy Geocell Solutions enable energy producers to overcome natural obstacles to access energy sources, transport them downstream and distribute them to the user networks.

Suncor Haul Road Canada-2 geocell

Access Road for Oil & Gas Exploration

Energy companies worldwide have used Neoloy Geocell solutions to enable heavy equipment to traverse challenging terrain, set up drilling and... (Read more)


Stabilize Oil Pads & Drilling Platforms

Neoloy Geocells provide the innovation that enables to construct oil pads and begin drilling faster, more economically and in a... (Read more)


Pipeline Construction

In addition to ground improvement for access and service roads used to construct and maintain pipelines, Neoloy Geocells can mitigate... (Read more)

geocell Oil and Gas 4

Access for Wind & Solar Farms

Wind farms provide a unique challenge when located in remote terrain with soft or peat soils. Access roads, water crossings... (Read more)

geocell Oil and Gas 2

Access for Power Companies and Utilities

Neoloy geocells are ideal for water, waste or energy pipeline construction and also enables cost-effective access roads to construct and... (Read more)


Fly Ash Waste Management

Innovative Neoloy Geocells are the ideal solution for safely and efficiently managing fly ash waste in a cost-effective manner.... (Read more)