Research and Validation of Neoloy® Geocell Unique Modulus Improvement Factor (MIF)

Significant research based on field, lab and numerical analyses, by Rajagopal (et al) an internationally recognized leader in the field of geotechnical engineering, and Kief (et al) an expert geotechnical engineer, has verified that the MIF (Modulus Improvement Factor) is a reliable method for quantifying the Neoloy (NPA – Novel Polymeric Alloy) Geocell contribution to pavement structures, and can be used in design methodology for all types of road, rail and heavy pavements, particularly on expansive clay soils.

PRS-Neoweb Ring Road, St Petersburg, Russia-4

Structural Pavement Design with NPA Geocells, Kief (2015)

Geocells from Neoloy make the implementation of geocells in the upper structural layer of heavy duty pavements... (Read more)

PRS-Neoweb Ring Road, St Petersburg, Russia-4

High Modulus Geocells for Sustainable Highway Infrastructure (Kief, et al 2014)

Studies validate that NPA (Neoloy®) Geocells improve road base modulus by 2.75x and reduce structural thickness by 50% while using... (Read more)


Studies on Geosynthetic-reinforced Road Pavement Structures

Technological innovation such as PRS-Neoloy (NPA) geocells can improve the performance of pavements for a more sustainable highway infrastructure by... (Read more)


Geocell Reinforced Road Pavement Structures, Rajagopal, et al (2012)

This study from Geosynthetics Asia, provides academic proof that Neoloy Geocell reinforcement increases the stiffness and elastic modulus of... (Read more)

Railways geocell research

3D Geocell Contribution to Structural Pavement Reinforcement, Kief and Rajagopal

The sustainable advantages of 3D Neoloy Geocells in an expanding economy like India are described, field test results from Germany... (Read more)


Modulus Improvement Factor for Neoloy Reinforced Bases

A Modulus Improvement Factor (MIF) of 2.75 was used calculated for the design of roads in India and Israel from... (Read more)


Plate Load Tests of Unpaved Road

Investigators used average settlements from the plate load test under loading to test and interpret the modulus of different layers.... (Read more)