Retention walls built with Neoloy Geocells are strong, durable and attractive green solutions to retain soil on steep and unstable slopes, maximize site development and for abrupt grade separation. Made with Neoloy® inside, these geocells have guaranteed long-term strength, are easy to construct, resistant to seismic activity and more cost-efficient than other types of walls.

retaining wall

Retaining Walls Overview

Neoloy Geocell walls offer strong, durable and green earth retention walls that can be constructed with ease, speed, and flexibility,... (Read more)


Gravity Retaining Walls

PRS-Neoloy gravity walls mechanically stabilize unstable slopes, prevent erosion and offer a green... (Read more)


Reinforced Retaining Walls

PRS-Neoloy provides a strong, fast to construct, green retaining wall structure for very steep and tall unstable slopes with a... (Read more)


Integrated Earth Stabilization

Integrated reinforced retention and slope protection systems are used frequently for unstable, steep and or high... (Read more)


Green Walls

Neoloy retention walls are a sustainable and green construction method. The outer row (strip) of the fascia cells is filled... (Read more)


Landslide Protection

Unstable slopes are the underlying cause for landslides caused by geophysical and/or human-made factors. Landslides can occur in developed or... (Read more)