What Our Customers Say

Over the past 25 years PRS has implemented thousands of soil stabilization projects worldwide. A core value of PRS is that we are committed to our customers’ success. The stories and experiences below demonstrate how PRS helps customers to move forward and achieve their goals.

Amtrak National Railway, USA - Neoloy Tough-Cell Rail Track Stabilization Extends Maintenance by 7x

Prof. Alan Zarembski, Director of Railroad Engineering and Safety Program, University of Delaware

“PRS Neoloy…was selected due to its very high tensile strength and long term resistance to plastic and elastic deformation (creep resistance) under heavy dynamic loading… PRS Neoloy Tough-Cells proved to be effective in reducing degradation showing a reduction in the surfacing (maintenance) cycle on the order of 7 times”.

geocell amtrak 2

Ancora Pavement Engineering, Mexico - Building an Airport over a Swamp

Mario Evaristo, CEO, Ancora Ingenieria, Mexico

“Before PRS-Neoloy Tough-Cells were implemented, the airport platform had 1-2 cm settlements on a monthly basis. Today, after 4 years since we implemented PRS solution, our recent measurements have shown zero settlement!”


Stratum Logics – Soil Stabilization Projects for Oil, Gas & Mining, Alberta, Canada

Principal Engineer, Dr. Sanat Pokharel, Stratum Logics

“We have been utilizing the Neoloy Tough-Cells for over 15 years in our design solutions due to its superior engineering parameters… From a professional civil engineering point of view, I strongly recommend the use of Neoloy Tough-Cells for ground improvement and road reinforcement projects.”


UK Ministry of Defence - Road Construction in Afghanistan: Local infill at Zero Cost

Lt. Colonel MTG Bazeley, Royal Engineering Corps, British Armed Forces

“We used Neoloy to contain locally won fill material (at zero cost) so that costly aggregate was only required to produce a wearing surface. This allowed for a reduction in the quantity of aggregate required to a quarter of that a normal unbound aggregate road.”


Israel Shipyards, Haifa – Rehabilitating Heavy Duty Port Pavements

Shuki Sagy, Vice President, Israel Shipyards Ltd.

“PRS Neoloy® Tough-Cells solved our problems with rutting, cracking and voids in the structural layers….Since installation of this product in 2012 we did not need to perform any maintenance….helped us rehabilitate the shipyards faster by an order of 2 times”


UNOPS Selection for Utilising NPA Based Tough-Cells

UNOPS - Bid Section II: Schedule of Requirements

“The application of geocells on this project is for a permanent solution, rather than a temporary solution, as is often the case with haul roads or access roads.  This project specifically requires a long term stabilization of the layer to withstand high traffic loads, which correspond to the upper allowable envelope for gravel roads.  This is the reason for the specification for long term creep of the geocell material.”

Sudan-Neoloy Geocell Infill

Road Slope Protection, A2 Motorway, UK

Philip Ball, Company Development Director

Systems Geotechnique choose PRS Neoloy Tough-Cells for steep slope protection along 1.2 km of A2 Motorway, Dartford due to its long term ruggedness and ease of installation. Neoloy met this requirement very well.